What To Do When An Uninsured Driver Hits You

As much as registered car owners are forced to cover their vehicles, some of them do not comply with the state laws. This is due to negligence and lack of proper information. However, the move comes along with an added cost though it should not be the reason why one would not take an insurance cover since driving uninsured car can land one into troubles. For years so many people have got their cars hit by uninsured drivers with many not knowing what to do. In case you are wondering what to do when you find yourself in such scenarios, I’m going to take you through the whole process and what necessary action you should take. Just take a look.

The first and the most important action to take is to inform the police about the accident no matter how minor it is. Though police do not take minor accident with a lot of seriousness, it is always prudent to do so. This ensures that legal action is taken against the uninsured driver in order for the affected party to take responsibility. In addition taking pictures of the scene including the number plate of the vehicle is also a good idea. Despite the police coming to the scene to take the details getting to know the car model of the uninsured driver, their official name, address is very crucial in such scenarios.

The next step to take is to contact your insurance company and inform them about the incident, the time it took place and also let them know that the other vehicle was not insured. On the other hand, you should also inform them the degree of the incurred damage so that they can provide you with information on the steps to follow according to your insurance policy that you have insured your car against. In most cases if your insurance policy has not covered uninsured motorists chances are the insurance company will not take care of any damages caused.

The only way one can get through this menace is to seek legal action against the driver. Though it is sometimes tricky and time consuming, it is the only way one can seek compensation. The process normally involves filing a court suite in a court of law where investigations are carried out and if the accused is found guilty by the law, action is taken against them.

As much as everyone tries to be very careful while driving, no one can predict when accidents are bound to happen and due to this reason taking a comprehensive cover for your vehicle is very advisable. This will help cover for any medical expense and damages caused by any uninsured motorist.

For more information about filing a legal claim against an uninsured driver, contact a respectable accident injury lawyer.

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