What To Expect During Your Next Dentist Visit

Anyone who has ever been to a dental clinic to visit a dentist has an idea of what to anticipate during a dental visit. The dental hygienist will do an oral examination, clean your teeth or even carry out some examination to check for any indications of gum problems tooth decay as well as cancer of the teeth. The dentist will likewise carry out a complete examination of your teeth to ensure there are no possible problems that could cause issues.

A comprehensive examination
When carrying out a comprehensive examination, the dentist looks for more than just the teeth. The dentist will also examine other areas outside and inside your mouth for signs of dental diseases.

The dentist will check your neck and head, salivary glands as well as lymph nodes around your neck area for any indication of infection or disease. He will also check your lips to ensure there are no unusual bleeding, swelling also lips dryness and other abnormalities. The dentist will also ask you to open and close your mouth as well as move the jaw from side to side to see whether your TMJ joint is moving well without any pain. The dentist will also check for any cuts, spots, growths or swelling in your soft tissues

Periodontal examination
When you visit a dentist, you are also going to have a periodontal examination which involves checking of gums as well as the teeth supporting structures. The dentist will first check the gums for any signs of puffiness or redness. He may stab them a little to see how easily they bleed. The dentist will also likely use some tool to measure the depth between your gums and teeth. Usually, dental pouches deeper than 3mm suggests you may have periodontal disease.

Occlusion examination
The dentist will also examine how fine your teeth work together by examining your bite. You will be told to bite naturally; however if your teeth do not appear to fit together well, you may be to bite on a special paper or wax. The paper usually makes provisional marks that show if your teeth fit well together.

Clinical examination
The teeth will use a teeth explorer to detect any cavities and even decayed tooth enamel. If you have permanent bridges, filings or crowns, the dentist will examine to ensure they remain sound and free from decay.

Teeth cleaning
The doctor ensures he or she cleans your teeth professionally to remove any tartar from the gum line because brushing at home only removes plaque.

Teeth polishing
After the tartar has been removed, the dentist will then polish the teeth to remove any surface stains.