How to Become a Dentist

Every time that we have issues with our teeth or gums, we seek the help of dental professionals. There are skilled dentists who offer the best quality service to address your dental needs. These Dentists are the ones who diagnose and treat any conditions that affect the mouth, teeth, and gums. How do these dentists acquire their profession?

To become a dentist you must attain all the career requirements:

Dentistry schoolTraining & Education

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree – You must be a graduate of any undergraduate program. It will depend on your specialization choice to determine what courses you will take. It is important though to have courses in undergraduate that is a prerequisite or required in dentistry school. However, completing science related course that has pre-dental majors such as physics, chemistry, biology, or nursing can be an excellent preparatory for dentistry. While enrolling in any undergraduate study, it is great to join any dental-related programs in schools and community for you to be exposed in such profession. It can add up to your eligibility when you apply in dentistry schools.

Taking the DAT (Dental Admission Test)

Once you have acquired a bachelor’s degree, you can be qualified to take the Dental Admission Test in any Dental schools.The exam will assess you in your capacity and scientific knowledge. To become a dentist, you must possess an exceptional manual dexterity and a high aptitude for science. During the admission process, you will be screened through our general average, recommendation letter, DAT results, and interviews.

Dentist professional trainingEarning the Dental Degree

Getting a dental degree will take you four more years after your undergrad. The first and second years in the degree will mostly be in classrooms and laboratories and focused more on health and dental science. The last two years in dental school will be a supervised clinical practice. It is in the last two years that the students will treat and diagnose actual patients with the supervision of their instructors.

Similar to the experiences you have in undergraduate school, it is also best to get a part- time job in any dental related position. By pairing your education with a related part-time job, you can have a wider professional experience when applying for your internship.

Obtaining Licensure

If you are dedicated and passionate about dentistry, it will not be hard for you to graduate from dentistry school. Once you earn your dental degree, you will then be preparing for a licensure exam. All dentists must be able to acquire a license before they can practice dentistry.

Consider a Specialization

Acquiring a degree from a dental school only gives you the view of general dentistry. Because of this, most dentists only serve as general dentistry practitioners. However, you can have a better career if you get a specialization in the field of dentistry. It will take two to four years of additional schooling before you can become a specialist. You can choose either a masters degree or a doctoral degree in your specialization. Doctorates receive the titles of either Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

Seeking higher education is never a waste of time. Invest in yourself if you are passionate about dentistry, and enroll in a local dental school.